Beaming Hands, Usui Reiki Healing

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Client Testimonials

"Alison's intuition and sensitivity made my Reiki session with her relaxing and comfortable.  It was a deeply rejuvenating experience.  With Alison you are in good hands!" Rowena Z. Actor

"I have definitely been unblocked in my writing. I also feel that my memory and unconscious thought are working super efficiently. Thank you again!!!" Jen S. Writer/Actor

"Having come from a science and western-medicine background, I was unsure of how Reiki could benefit me.  Nevertheless, I thought to myself, what could I lose by trying it out?  Well, I am more than glad that I did.  I remember coming out of my first session feeling great. Not only was I relaxed, but I felt *good*, which is not something I could often say when I left a western-medical practice. I used to think Western medicine was superior to Eastern medicine because the West is rooted in tangible science whereas the East also has a large, integral spiritual component.  If I couldn't see it or prove it, then how could it work?  Well, I've found that both East and West have their place.  Once I let go of trying to figure out the science behind Reiki or attempting to figure out how Reiki "worked," the more I have benefited from it. Sometimes it's better to just know that something works rather reject it just because you don't know why it works.  I reap the benefits of my car every day even though I don't know the intricacies of every nut and bolt.

In short, I'm so very grateful that Alison introduced me to Reiki and its ability to heal and prevent disease.  Several sessions later, I have much less tension and stress in my day to day life, which I know is essential to my health and well-being. Less stress can only mean more health, and I thank Alison and her Beaming Hands for that.  My blood pressure was so much higher without her!  When it comes down to it, I had nothing to lose and much to gain.  Thanks!" Nicholas S.  Writer/Director

"It really helped me a great deal in moving forward with my healing of my heart." Jeffrey M, Actor/Teacher

"You know when you doze off on the couch for a nap on a Sunday afternoon, and an hour or so passes - a blissful, serene, seamless hour - and afterwards you've no idea if you were asleep, or completely conscious in some magical, happy place? Well this is the state I was in during my session, and when I woke up on Ms. Acaster's table, I felt inexplicably more focused and resonant with the universe." Gregor C. Actor

"This was my 1st Reiki session.  I was skeptical yet really felt I needed to do this.  I believe in a Christian God so I had to give this a lot of thought and prayer. Alison was great even with the initial phone call. Meeting her put me at ease. She has a peaceful good energy about her. I kept falling asleep and that shows how comfortable I was.  I felt safe and frankly like I was being nurtured. Its the only way I can describe it. I have been having some med issues on the left side of my body. When she touched my left foot~ her hand felt like a heating pad on high.  I have been having numbness and tingling on my left side. She told me after our session that  her feet where going numb while she was touching me. I am home and still feel so peaceful!  I have hypertension and by 5pm its usually time to take some more blood pressure meds. I am a Licensed Vocational Nurse so you can imagine my surprise at taking my 5 pm Blood pressure and finding it  a normal low. I sit here writing all this still amazed. I highly recommend this lovely women and her Beaming Hands" Deanna. Nurse   via Yelp

"Alison is truly a Master at her craft. You will leave her session relaxed, thinking more clearly and completely focused. I wholeheartedly endorse her!" Rick K. Actor

"Before my Reiki treatment, I felt overwhelmed by my energy & could not be productive. Afterwards, I felt more focused & was able to channel my energy to the tasks at hand." Richard S. Actor

"After my Reiki experience my body felt energized and aligned.  I had tension in certain parts of my body from past sports injuries that was totally released.  I felt as good as new!" Sarah A. Actor

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