Beaming Hands, Usui Reiki Healing

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Personal Session

$95 for 1 session.
$270 for a series of 3 sessions

Cash, Check or Credit Card via Paypal on the Payment page.
Sessions are held at my home
in Torrance, CA 90505



Animal Reiki:

$100 approximately
I will come to your location


Corporate Services:

$150 per hour*

*minimum 3 hours per booking
(3 hours = 9 employees = $450)
(4 hours = 12 employees = $600)



Personal Session

Reiki Table Session: Full 75 minute hands-on treatment. Using gentle hand positions to channel energy into the body, balancing chakras, removing toxins, reducing stress, enhancing wellbeing and promoting healing.

Those who receive Reiki regularly often find themselves more joyful, lively, their own sense of wellbeing is enhanced, as if their batteries had been recharged.

Reiki is not a substitute for medical treatment or medications but is effective in healing any physical, mental, emotional or spiritual issue and naturally complements other forms of healing.

Animal Reiki

Reiki works effectively on all living things, humans, plants and animals. I work extensively with my own animals and am available to work with your animals as needed.

Sometimes one session is all that is needed to release an issue or illness, other times a series of visits will be required. Just like us, every animal responds differently to Reiki. As with every living thing, if it is time to leave this world Reiki will not prevent the transition but can ease the journey and provide comfort and peace for all concerned. I've worked (officially) with cats, dogs, fish, tortoises, a rabbit and a horse. The animals I've been called to work with have displayed various ailments, cancer, asthma, skin infections. Often I will work with the owner as well as the animal, bringing peace to both.

Lucy (my cat) suffered from Feline Asthma her whole life. She spent 9 years having attacks every 6 weeks and getting monthly steroid shots. Since first receiving Reiki in 2006 Lucy did not have  any significant asthma attacks, she stopped taking medicine in January 2007 and was asthma-free until she passed away in 2012 at age 18.

I worked with my own cats as they aged and as they passed over. Reiki brings comfort to all, eases the transition and can help ease the grief of a passing.

I've seen the amazing difference in my animals, my environment and myself. My relationship with all of my animals deepened; we are connected and have a better understanding of each other.

Please email me with questions about your own animal friends


Corporate Services

I have developed a condensed treatment called Reiki Shots. A Reiki Shot is a concentrated dose of energy administered while seated via a series of hand positions concentrating on the head and heart area. It takes about 15-20 minutes to complete and is designed for the office, the movie set or whatever location you call "work", enabling me to work with a group of people over a period of several hours.

Reiki Shots can be given in any surrounding making them wonderful treats and perfect for the corporate setting, health fairs or private parties. They provide an excellent way to receive the healing benefits of Reiki in a short time.

The benefits brought about by receiving a Reiki treatment directly impact the health and wellbeing of everyone in your organization. Recipients will be more energized, assertive and balanced.

~ Improve employee morale
~ Increase productivity and creativity
~ Reduce unnecessary absenteeism
~ Increase employee interest in work
Help to reduce stress, worry and tension levels at work
~ Improve work performance and productivity levels
~ Increase personal motivation, unleashing inner talents, creativity and intelligence
~ Improve morale and work relationships
~ Provide deep personal relaxation
~ Offer a health boost, enhancing general well-being
~ Help in cases of RSI (repetitive strain injury) and other muscular injuries
~ Support recovery from jet-lag, burnout feelings, headaches and general tiredness

I worked for one of the USA's largest real estate companies for 13 years, prior to that I worked for a nationwide bank in England for 6 years - I am familiar with the corporate environment and can bring my grounded healing touch into your work place. Corporate Reiki is booked at a minimum of 3 hours and costs $150 per hour. (4 hours, 12 employees = $600)


Phone: 323 963 3167    :    Email: Alison at