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Alison's Affirmations

I glide effortlessly through my day; an open channel for inspiration. My creativity is contagious and all life  around me opens up like a flower in the sun.

Providing Energy Healings, Transforming the Lives of People & their Pets

I am an actor, singer and Usui Reiki Master, born and raised in East Yorkshire. I have lived in Los Angeles since 1994.
I have been practicing Reiki since 2006. I trained with Arleta Soares. I am a licensed minister and am registered through the International Association of Reiki Professionals. I work with people and animals of all ages that wish to utilize Reiki for general wellness and stress reduction. 

Reiki can be used for general wellness as well as for specific issues. Reiki works by balancing the energy in the body and reducing stress, which in turn may create an environment within your body where healing may more easily be facilitated.

Sometimes one session is all that is needed for radical shifts to occur, sometimes a disease or way of being are so ingrained with who we think we are that it takes something to release these blocks. Every being is different, every being is walking their own path and learning their own lessons. I can facilitate in growth and transformation in as much as the person/animal is willing/able to allow.  

Healing does not always mean cure, sometimes a healing is facilitating a peaceful passing, or finding balance in discomfort it really depends on the individual, their journey and what they choose. 

The first session begins with a brief meeting and completion of a client intake form. Please keep in mind that privacy and confidentiality are maintained at all times. A Reiki session is performed face-up on a massage table with you, the client, always fully clothed. 

I will complete a series of hand positions around your body, beginning with legs and feet and ending with the head, this pattern is designed to shift toxins and balance your natural energy systems.

I encourage you to relax and be open to receiving the energy. I encourage feedback throughout the session; you are invited to speak freely. Usually I will not begin a conversation during the treatment, allowing you the full experience. If something feels uncomfortable during the session, please speak up. 

  • I reserve the right to refrain from working on a client under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Sexual harassment is not tolerated. If my personal safety feels compromised the session will be stopped immediately.


  • Each appointment is 90 minutes. A typical session lasts about 75 minutes, with time either side for discussion.
  • For first appointment, please allow 15 extra minutes to complete intake form and ask any questions you may have.
  • If a client is late the session will still end at the appointed time so that the following client is not inconvenienced.
  • Cancellations require 24 hours notice or the full price of a session will be charged unless the appointment can be filled. My cell phone accepts calls at all hours; leave your name, number, time and date of call.
  • If I need to cancel I will give 24 hours notice whenever possible or your next session will be free of charge.
  • I see clients by appointment only.
  • I return calls within 24 hours unless on vacation in which case my message will reflect that.


  • Reiki sessions for people are $88 in my home office. Animal and Place rates vary due to location.
  • Payment is due at time of service, I accept cash, checks payable to Alison Acaster or, for an additional $3, I can accept credit cards online through I do not bill clients or provide direct billing for insurance.


  • I respect all clients without discrimination.
  • I keep records of our sessions and review before each session.
  • Personal/professional boundaries are respected at all times.

Reiki is not a substitute for medical treatment or medications, and it is recommended that a person concurrently work with their Doctor or Primary Caregiver for any condition they may have. A Reiki Practitioner does not diagnose illness or disease and does not prescribe medication.



Alison Acaster, Usui Reiki Master, Beaming Hands

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Usui Reiki Master Alison E Acaster is an ordained minister & a member of the International Association of Reiki Professionals, living & working in and around Los Angeles, 90046