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Alison has always written with the firm belief that the story is what carries the song. Her lyrics speak mainly of personal experiences in relationships, everyday life and spiritual expansion.

...from the 9 to 5 workday at the office...
Young woman sitting in her cube
watching the papers pile high
She'd rather be with you
watching the clouds roll by
(HERE WITH ME) falling out of love...
You're wonderful,
at least you think you are
but I don't see
You're marvelous,
you tell your friends you are
but not to me

... to saying goodbye ...
I will always care about you
you held my hair back
brought me juice
and rubbed my back

... to leaving gracefully ...
I was lost when I found you
now there's no way around
you and I've got
nothing in common any more
(LOST & FOUND) letting go...
I am an opening for Love
I let it flow through me with ease
I am a channel for your Grace
I am an instrument for Peace
So use me, use me please

Brit-y, Witty, Funny & Pretty

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Some stuff some people said some time about Alison:

If you turned on your radio today and heard Breathe & Believe (co-written by Alison) you wouldn't believe it was by an LA-based unsigned band. They fit right in with bands like Matchbox 20 and the Goo-Goo Dolls" (Seth ~

"If you have been yearning for rock with a strong Brit-pop influence, look no further than Alison, a singer with a voice so gem-like you could use it to cut safety glass. She delivers her insightful vocals with ray-gun precision and a zesty sense of fun." (G-Man of the Tribune Newspaper Group)

"Think of Alison as an English Jewel with her own uniquely positive perspective on life & all its daily doings. Not too sugary or too full or angst, her lyrics are honest & fresh & her sound is a breathy ethereal folk-pop." (Alison was featured artist on

"It really wasn't a surprise to me when Alison announced this next song, "Here with Me," would soon appear in a movie soundtrack, it was that good! The softer ballads were definitely my forte, but I think anyone who enjoys the "adult alternative" (sorry for the label) sound, will love what Alison offers." (TLAMS)

"Alison is a talented artist and her new CD is a pop/rock pleasure to listen to! "I'll Be There" and "Way of the World" are great upbeat songs and get you started. By the time the CD player plays the track "Sometimes", you're in the Alison groove! It's a very cool CD, so make sure you pick a copy up as soon as possible!" (Keith "KC" Clifton, New Artist Showcase, KLAS 89.7FM)

"This is perfect music for plugging a pair of headphones into the arm of an airplane seat. Her band is like the shampoo that goes on first to clean the hair, but her voice is like conditioner that leaves the hair silky and smooth. Her contemplative Sheryl Crow meets Lisa Loeb songs are backed by frisky Go-Go's new wave. It's a wise choice -- it stops any potential whininess from forming while allowing Alison to reveal her personal observations. These tunes make you feel fabric softener fresh"

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