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Brit-y, Witty, Funny & Pretty

Alison likes to write. And laugh, Alison likes to write and laugh.

Her Children's Book Jack's Tooth Fairy  is available on Amazon.

When his careless tooth fairy leaves her gate open Jack falls headlong into Fairyland. Determined to get home before he is missed, he teams up with an unlikely duo, namely a squirrel and a walking stick, and the trio sets off on a strange and wonderful adventure. In order to return up top, Jack must make it through the Field of Gum Trees, down the River of Light and on to the Recycling Plant, facing many challenges and encountering all kinds of strange and magical creatures along the way.

Complete with odd characters and rich surroundings, Jack's Tooth Fairy is a middle-grade fantasy to be relished by the child in each of us.

 $2.99 for the Kindle version (Kindle device or App)


She also wrote and starred in the short film In The Tray (see below)

And she writes poems:

Love Letter

Love. Love is all there is.
It wells up through me spilling out through my open heart.
My open heart like a Lily in full bloom.
The Love is warm and nourishing, like warm milk, circulating faster, stronger, enlivening, feeding, taking me over.
This is all there is. Only the Love.
Only the Love that envelops, contains, feeds, guides, sustains me.
All other concerns melt into the milky goodness.
Love is all there is.
No worries, no fears. Safe. Warm. Cared for.
Love. Love is all there is.
Trust in Love. Live in Love.
Be Love. Love.
love, Love.
Copyright May 3, 2010, Alison Acaster. All Rights Reserved.